Clube de Criação de São Paulo 2016 Bronze | categoria criação • CLIO Keyart Bronze • Promaxbda Bronze.

Clube de Criação de São Paulo 2016 Bronze | categoria criação • CLIO Keyart Bronze • Promaxbda Bronze.


FILM - Intolerance


FILM - Corruption




The objective of this project is to show that GlobonNews – a live news tv channel – is always connect to the worldwide events and dialogues with the public in a dynamic and innovative way, with an intelligent and modern journalism, that always surprises the audience. the channel not only provides information, but also shows different points of view, inviting the public to reflected and discuss all the issues evolved.  the challenge was to instigate the public curiosity and desire for more information, with an engaging, thought-provoking campaign.

To illustrate our campaign , we invite the Israeli designer Noma Bar, recognized for the use of clear language in the discussion of social and political issues. With an innovative language, Noma merges art, illustration and design, seeking to develop pieces that bring maximum information with the least elements.

Here is the cultural context you need to know before watch it::

- "Mensalão" is a vote-buying case of corruption involving illegal government contracts and bribes.

- “Petrolão” is a criminal scheme of illegal contracts at the state-owned oil company Petrobras.

- “To hide money on the underwear” is a common expression in Brazil for slush funds.

- The map made on mud refers to the collapse of a mining dam in the city of Mariana, Minas Gerais, an avoidable catastrophe, result of negligence and corruption.

- “Lava-jato” / “car wash” is the name of the federal police investigation which has arrested important business and political leaders.